You like my hair? Gee, thanks, just got it.

About two years ago I made some major life changes. As many ladies do at pivotal moments in their lives, I snipped my long hair to just passed my shoulders. I loved it, and I still do, but recently I’d found myself longing for my long locks once again.

In the weeks prior to committing to extensions I did an enormous amount of research. I sought out the least damaging method, but also wanted something low maintenance that I could keep in my hair for a while. I settled on the braided sew in method and began to look for local salons that offered the service.

To be honest, it wasn’t easy finding someone in Halifax who offered what I was looking for through a Google search. So I turned to social media. That is where I found the lovely Pearl of Elalani Salon. Pearl’s reviews were outstanding! When I bombarded her with a million questions, Pearl responded so kindly and I immediately booked a consultation.

At our consultation Pearl walked me through the ins and outs of a proper sew-in weave. Though, she recommended another method to me – one I hadn’t heard of. What Pearl offers is, in my opinion, the least damaging method of hair extensions. It is called the…. Read More at Cara Wittich Website