Ela Lani Hair Salon Is a specialist Hair Extension salon based in the busy Agricola street.

We focus on keeping up to date with the latest methods and techniques to give you the best results possible. Our hair is sourced from the Ela Lani Hair with 40 colours to choose from, and variety of methods

We are a boutique salon where you will always feel comfortable. Our extensive consultations guarantee you will walk out the door with hair that not only looks amazing but suits your lifestyle.


Things To Consider For Your Lifestyle:

With both these method you need to come back in every 4-7 weeks for maintenance which involves pushing up the hair extensions to ensure they are kept neat and putting no stress/damage on your natural hair. 
Perfect for thick, curly and medium hair.
  • Limited amount of extensions can be applied if hair is fine or the shape of the head is smaller
  • Can give a less full appearance if less than a full head is applied
  • Cannot go as close to hairlines due to visibility
  • Longer application time (2+ hours for full head)

All Hair Extension Packages Include:

  • In-depth personal consultation to determine the style and colour match the extensions to your hair. 
  • Professional application by our Extensions Specialist 

Take A Front Row Seat